Costa Pacífica

Visit the Colombian Pacific Coast, a place with a 1300 kilometers coastline recognized as one of the wettest and rainy places on earth. To the north the mountains of Baudó immerse in the ocean waters forming inlets and bays, also it is a jungle area of great biodiversity. To the South you will find incredible cliffs and mighty rivers bordering a spectacular area of mangroves.

Each year from July to November giant humpback whales run from Antarctica 8,500 kilometers until the Colombian Pacific.  There may be fins, tails and whale calf jumps. Also the spawning and hatching of turtles, frogs and exotic migratory birds make this place a lifetime experience.

Bahía Solano

Bahia Solano, located on the Pacific Ocean, is a destination that can be visited in several seasons: in May when you can go fishing in their waters; between July and November because caná turtles arrive on beaches to lay eggs; and between June and October when humpback whales seek warm Pacific waters to give birth to their young, becoming the largest natural spectacle of the region.


Nuquí is one of the villages of Chocó, Colombia, where you can enjoy forest and sea at the same time. It is located in Ensenada de Utría, in the Gulf of Tribugá, and is bathed by many rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean. Nuquí has the perfect waves for sports like surfing, it is also possible to do humpback whales watching between June and October. Long walks on the beaches, snorkeling, diving, fishing, watching wildlife and only 5 minutes from the beach you can visit thermal pools.