Costa Caribe

Sun, beaches and dancing join the people’s joy from this region of Colombia to welcome travelers. Here a culture that vibrates in every musical note of cumbia and vallenato is experienced.

Cartagena, Colombia adds to this fantastic place the charm of its colonial architecture, republican and modern, attractive intense nightlife, cultural festivals, lush scenery, magnificent Caribbean beaches, and excellent gastronomy is a fantastic city that holds the secrets of the history in its walls and balconies, its buildings and its narrow stone paths.

Framed by a beautiful bay of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most beautiful and preserved American cities.

The sea breeze and the sunset that transform the colors of 400-year-old houses enchant visitors in Cartagena. A World Heritage Site, this city was founded by Pedro de Heredia in 1533; the colonial architecture of its buildings is protected by the most complete set of fortifications in South America.

Cartagena, Colombia adds to the charm of its colonial, republican and modern architecture, the attractions of a vibrant nightlife, cultural festivals, lush scenery, magnificent beaches, excellent cuisine and an important tourist infrastructure. It is a fantastic city that holds the secrets of history in its walls and balconies, in its buildings and its narrow stone paths.

Santa Marta

Santa Marta, Colombia is the oldest city in South America and is full of difficult magic to describe its unique architectural heritage, beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage, make this natural paradise an ideal destination to enjoy, learn and remember.

Here you can have it all, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with a network of unique ecosystems on the planet, and enigmatic archaeological remains of the Tayrona culture; the beaches of Tayrona National Park, framed by a virgin and exuberant nature, recognized among the most beautiful in the world.


Taganga is a small fishing village located just 5 km north of Santa Marta in a bay surrounded by mountains, there you can learn to dive in several certified centers. Taganga has a wide range of hotels and restaurants with typical food, and afternoon is possible to observe a moving sun sunsets over the sea.

La Guajira

La Guajira peninsula, located on the Caribbean Sea, is  the northernmost department of Colombia. Those who visit are also witness to the legacy of the indigenous Wayúu people, evident in their colorful blankets and knapsacks, among other handcrafted items.

Encounter the indigenous Wayúu culture at their settlements, visit the Manaure salt flats, visit natural reserves, relax on the beaches of Cabo de La Vela and the Dunes of Taroa in Punta Gallinas,  these are just some of the many enticing options that await travelers at La Guajira.