Coffee and Orchids

2016 Tour Summary


  • Transfer meeting place – Santa Rosa – Manizales – meeting place
  • Coffee Tour
  • Orchid Tour
  • Guide (Heritage interpretation)
  • Meals: Snacks
  • Travel Insurance
  • Equipment rental.
  • Binoculars, telescopes, boots, raincoats.
  • Lunch and meals not specified in the plan.
  • Experiences not specified in the plan.
  • Personal expenses and tips.
  • Transportation services not specified in the plan

Santa Rosa de Cabal / Manizales (Duration: 8 hours aprox.)

Since UNESCO declared Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape as World Heritage, several places in the region have created experiences where people recognize the exceptional values that give this region a unique condition.  In Finca del Café coffee tour in Santa Rosa de Cabal, near the city of Pereira, you walk through beautiful coffee plantations trail teaching to you how is the coffee process from sowing, next selective hand-picking and de-pulping process. After that, roasting the beans with firewood in a typical farm kitchen; and finally prepare the drink to enjoy a delicious cup of the mildest coffee in the world,  grown in the Finca del Café. In the afternoon, visit one of the largest and most diverse private collections of orchids, with about 500 genera and over 800 species of native orchids being the priority of their owners. Tour through nature and crops, forests, stream and orchids. Transfer to the initial meeting place.

  • Bring comfortable shoes
  • Appropriate clothing for the area, bring a coat
  • Bring insect repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Backpack for your belongings.
  • Personal water bottle or canteen.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera to take colorful pictures of the journey

Enjoy The Coffee and Orchids of Colombia

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